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Why Our Customers Love Our Indoor Plants, Cacti, and Succulents

Our customers love our products because they appreciate the high-quality, healthy, hard-to-find varieties of indoor plants and plant accessories we offer. But they also love the thoughtful and attentive care, the compassion, the understanding, and the space to breathe they get from Mini Green Havens. Here is what they have to say:

Mini Green FAQs

The first key to building your own green haven is to choose the right plants. Some plants are notoriously hard to care for and your home environment (including lighting conditions and temperatures) will dictate which plants are more likely to thrive. The next key is to understand the care instructions for your plant. This means how much to water it, which soil additives can help it grow, and where it should be placed for optimal sun exposure. Mini Green Havens won't leave you hanging. We will provide you with all of the knowledge and support products you need to take good care of your indoor plants.

This term can actually be deceiving. There is no true low light plant. Every plant needs some level of light to thrive. But some plants are very hearty and can continue to grow even in very low light conditions. They will likely grow slower and have diminished flowering, but Mini Green Havens has plants that can survive even in the most challenging conditions.

Most indoor plants will do just fine with a quality, balanced standard potting soil. But some plants require extra drainage, a certain pH level, or specific nutrients to stay healthy and growing. The staff at Mini Green Havens can advise you on the ideal soil conditions your indoor plants need to thrive.

If the roots are growing out of the pot’s drainage hole, your plant seems to be losing a lot of leaves, or the plant just seems too big for the current pot, it is likely time to re-pot. If you want to maintain the size of your indoor plant, just change the soil and keep the same size pot (or divide your indoor plant into two pots). If you want your plant to grow in size, increase the pot size by an inch or two (any larger could make it difficult for your plant to get sufficient air).

You should amend or replace the soil in your indoor plant pot when:

  • Your plant and soil are dried out and hard and pop right out of the pot when you lift the plant stem
  • The water runs right through the soil when you water your plant (there is no organic material left to hold the moisture)
  • Your plants look yellowed and unhealthy

Mini Green Havens focuses on supporting local craftspeople and artisans. Many items in our collection are made in Alberta or Western Canada. But we also recognize that beautiful things come from all over the country and the world and that these items can be hard to get in Fort Mac. Our plant accessories are the best available, local whenever possible, and always of the highest quality.

We do not have a catalogue of standard gift baskets, but we are always happy to work with you to assemble a tailored gift for someone very special.

Absolutely! We love to help our customers personalize their own green haven experience. We would be thrilled to help you create a terrarium filled with your favourite indoor plants, fill a beautiful clay pot with interesting cacti, or design an Instagram-worthy succulent garden!

Unfortunately, we cannot allow customers to bring their plants to us for evaluation. If your plant has a blight or a pest infestation it could put our entire inventory at risk. But we are able to come to you. If you need help nurturing your plant back to health, call 1-587-276-1971 and we can arrange an at-home or in-office visit.

Every case is different and we will create a custom strategy for you. Share your goals with us and we can work together to find a solution that will work within your budget.

We know you want to keep your home and family healthy and safe so Mini Green Havens offers a variety of natural and non-toxic pest control products.

We Grow Together

We Grow Together

Born of grief and loss and created with a vision of hope and healing, Mini Green Havens is committed to bringing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of plants to the people of Fort McMurray. A Haven is a safe space and a place to experience beauty and resilience. It is up to you to decide what your haven looks like. We are here to help you make it happen.

Helping Fort Mac Grow Greener And Greater

Mini Green Havens is a full-service, indoor plant and plant accessories retailer with a vision to serve our community. We guarantee the highest quality products, healthy and life-affirming plants, and space where anyone who needs to can just plant themselves and breathe.

Connect with us at 1-587-276-1971 for everything you need to create your very own green haven.

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