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Soil and Additives

Every living thing needs nourishment for optimal growth. Without the right elements, plants can become stunted, diseased, or infested with pests. Healthy, balanced soil mix is vital to help your indoor plants thrive and flourish. Your indoor plant’s pot, water source, planting medium, and environment is their ecosystem and a proper, good quality soil is crucial. Mini Green Havens sources out the highest quality soils, growing mediums, composts, and soil additives to ensure our customers have everything they need to create and nurture their own green havens.

The Best Conditions For Growth

One of the most common mistakes plant buyers make is that they take their newly-purchased indoor plant home and place it on a window ledge. They water it diligently, but they do not see the growth or flowering they expected to see. Often the pot that your indoor plant comes in is only suitable for a short period of time. And the soil in the original pot will become depleted of nutrients, lose aeration and drainage, and harden over time. Just like you, your plant needs nourishment, water, and air. The correct soil mix and the regular maintenance of your plant’s soil with the right soil additives will foster a healthy growth environment for your potted plants.

It is also important to keep in mind that not all plants require the typical soil mixture. Some indoor plants will experience maximum growth or flowering without the use of soil at all. Alternative growing mediums can include peat moss, perlite and vermiculite, sand, coco coir (coconut fibre), and even just water or air.

Mini Green Havens carries a wide selection of soil mixtures, alternative growing mediums, composting products and composting critters like red wiggler worms, natural pest control products, and soil additives. We have the knowledge and insight to help you create the healthiest and most nourishing growing base for your indoor plants. We can also help you troubleshoot when your plants are not experiencing optimal health and work with you to devise a treatment strategy to get your indoor plants thriving again.

Green Is A Great Gift!

The gift of green used to mean good old cash, moola, dough. We want you to consider giving a more meaningful gift of green. Indoor plants promote healing, creativity, health, peace, and beauty. Share the benefits of indoor plants by gifting someone important to you with the better gift of green!

Why Our Customers Love Our Indoor Plants, Cacti, and Succulents

Our customers love our products because they appreciate the high-quality, healthy, hard-to-find varieties of indoor plants and plant accessories we offer. But they also love the thoughtful and attentive care, the compassion, the understanding, and the space to breathe they get from Mini Green Havens. Here is what they have to say:

Plant Yourself And Breathe

Mini Green Havens is Fort McMurray’s first full-service indoor plant specialist. We offer the highest-quality indoor plants, soils and soil additives, indoor plants accessories and Fort Mac’s only indoor plant consultation and plant care concierge service. It is our goal to bring the health, wellness, and space-enhancing benefits of indoor plants to everyone who needs the space to breathe.

Soil And Soil Additive FAQs

Most indoor plants will do just fine with a quality, balanced standard potting soil. But some plants require extra drainage, a certain pH level, or specific nutrients to stay healthy and growing. The staff at Mini Green Havens can advise you on the ideal soil conditions your indoor plants need to thrive.

You should amend or replace the soil in your indoor plant pot when:

  • Your plant and soil are dried out and hard and pop right out of the pot when you lift the plant stem
  • The water runs right through the soil when you water your plant (there is no organic material left to hold the moisture)
  • Your plants look yellowed and unhealthy

If the roots are growing out of the pot’s drainage hole, your plant seems to be losing a lot of leaves, or the plant just seems too big for the current pot, it is likely time to re-pot. If you want to maintain the size of your indoor plant, just change the soil and keep the same size pot (or divide your indoor plant into two pots). If you want your plant to grow in size, increase the pot size by an inch or two (any larger could make it difficult for your plant to get sufficient air).

We Grow Together

We Grow Together

Born of grief and loss and created with a vision of hope and healing, Mini Green Havens is committed to bringing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of plants to the people of Fort McMurray. A Haven is a safe space and a place to experience beauty and resilience. It is up to you to decide what your haven looks like. We are here to help you make it happen.

Helping Fort Mac Grow Greener And Greater

Mini Green Havens is a full-service, indoor plant and plant accessories retailer with a vision to serve our community. We guarantee the highest quality products, healthy and life-affirming plants, and space where anyone who needs to can just plant themselves and breathe.

Connect with us at 1-587-276-1971 for everything you need to create your very own green haven.

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