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Plant Nanny - Coming Soon!

The team at Mini Green Havens is passionate about indoor plants and equally passionate about sharing the benefits of green havens with our community. Do you wish you could create your very own lush sanctuary in your home or office, but worry that you don’t have the time or creativity to make that happen? Our Plant Sitters bring the healing, stress-relieving, mood-boosting, space-transforming, and improved air-quality properties of beautiful indoor plants right to you. Mini Green Havens’ Plant Nanny service can help you envision, build, and manage an oasis of greenery wherever you are.

Mini Green Havens For Everyone

Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to enjoy the well-being that indoor plants can offer. We aim to make the transformative power of potted plants accessible to everyone, even those with limited time resources. For this reason, we are happy to offer Mini Green Havens Plant Nanny services. This full-scope plant sitting solution includes (but is not limited to):

  • Indoor Plantscape Design: We can assess your space and goals and plan a customized, appropriate indoor plant greenscaping design
  • Plant Rehabilitation: If you have plants that are not thriving, we can recommend and implement a rehabilitation program to optimize plant health
  • Plant Maintenance: We can provide regular maintenance for your indoor plants including feeding, watering, pruning, repotting, etc
  • Plant Sitting: If you need to be away from your home or office, we can take care of your plant babies for you and treat them just like our own
  • Pest Control: If you are experiencing a blight or infestation with your indoor plants we can create and implement a strategy to get rid of the pests, and nurture your plants back to full health.  Please note that this must be done off-site. 

Green Is A Great Gift!

The gift of green used to mean good old cash, moola, dough. We want you to consider giving a more meaningful gift of green. Indoor plants promote healing, creativity, health, peace, and beauty. Share the benefits of indoor plants by gifting someone important to you with the better gift of green!

Why Our Customers Love Our Indoor Plants, Cacti, and Succulents

Our customers love our products because they appreciate the high-quality, healthy, hard-to-find varieties of indoor plants and plant accessories we offer. But they also love the thoughtful and attentive care, the compassion, the understanding, and the space to breathe they get from Mini Green Havens. Here is what they have to say:

Plant Yourself And Breathe

Mini Green Havens is Fort McMurray’s first full-service indoor plant specialist. We offer the highest-quality indoor plants, soils and soil additives, indoor plants accessories and Fort Mac’s only indoor plant consultation and plant care concierge service. It is our goal to bring the health, wellness, and space-enhancing benefits of indoor plants to everyone who needs the space to breathe.

Consultation And Plant Care FAQs

Unfortunately, we cannot allow customers to bring their plants to us for evaluation. If your plant has a blight or a pest infestation it could put our entire inventory at risk. But we are able to come to you. If you need help nurturing your plant back to health, call 1-587-276-1971 and we can arrange an at-home or in-office visit.

Every case is different and we will create a custom strategy for you. Share your goals with us and we can work together to find a solution that will work within your budget.

We know you want to keep your home and family healthy and safe so Mini Green Havens offers a variety of natural and non-toxic pest control products.

We Grow Together

We Grow Together

Born of grief and loss and created with a vision of hope and healing, Mini Green Havens is committed to bringing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of plants to the people of Fort McMurray. A Haven is a safe space and a place to experience beauty and resilience. It is up to you to decide what your haven looks like. We are here to help you make it happen.

Helping Fort Mac Grow Greener And Greater

Mini Green Havens is a full-service, indoor plant and plant accessories retailer with a vision to serve our community. We guarantee the highest quality products, healthy and life-affirming plants, and space where anyone who needs to can just plant themselves and breathe.

Connect with us at 1-587-276-1971 for everything you need to create your very own green haven.

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