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About Us

HAVEN: /ˈhāvən/ noun: a place of safety and refuge, a shelter from the storm, a sanctuary.

If you have ever needed to find a quiet space, a space where you can clear your head, a space where you can let go, a space where you can just breathe… you understand the meaning of HAVEN. Mini Green Havens was conceived during a time of grief and loss and created to provide a place where anyone who needs it can connect with the restorative, enriching, and healing powers of nature. For some the joy of plants comes from the fresh, clean air they make, for some it is the beauty of an unfurled leaf, for some it is the care and nurturing it takes to make a plant grow. It is up to you to decide what your haven is. So we invite you to experience your oasis at Mini Green Havens.


Planting The Seed

Mini Green Havens started with the idea to sell easy-to-care-for plants so that the people of Fort McMurray could bring a little green into their lives to counter the dreary long, long… long winters of northern Alberta. Succulents were the perfect choice for a plant that was beautiful, resilient, and appealing to everyone. But week after week, the people of Fort Mac came back asking for different varieties, cacti, exotic and tropical plants, artful bonsai, hard-to-find species, and all of the soil, additives, and caretaking items they needed to help their plants thrive and grow. The people spoke and we listened and our journey to become Fort McMurray’s go-to resource for indoor plants and accessories has begun. We are excited for what lies ahead for Mini Green Havens as our customers share what they need and we strive to bring them what they want, adapting, evolving, and growing as we do. It is our goal to ensure that everyone who needs it can find the peace and joy that we know plants can bring.

Green Is A Great Gift!

The gift of green used to mean good old cash, moola, dough. We want you to consider giving a more meaningful gift of green. Indoor plants promote healing, creativity, health, peace, and beauty. Share the benefits of indoor plants by gifting someone important to you with the better gift of green!

The Roots Of Mini Green Haven

It is our mission to help people create their own green haven; a space that provides relaxation, serenity, peace, and rejuvenating and life-sustaining fresh air. We love our little city with the small-town vibe. We are proud of the perseverance and character of our neighbours when faced with adversity. We love the wide-open prairie skies of Fort Mac. But winters here can be tough. And we have faced some very difficult challenges in the last few years. The team at Mini Green Havens, led by our Guru of Green, Natasha, believes in the transformative power of plants. We know that people can find beauty and comfort in smelling plants, seeing them grow, and getting their hands dirty caring for them. We want to help you create your very own green haven, however that looks to you.

We aim to be Fort McMurray’s first full service indoor plant specialists offering high-quality plants, soils and healthy soil additives, pest control products, plants accessories, worms, and more so that our neighbours can access all of the supplies that were previously hard-to-find, or just unavailable in our neck of the woods, are right at your fingertips. With Mini Green Havens everything needed to grow your own indoor green space is right under your green thumb!

Why Our Customers Love Our Indoor Plants, Cacti, and Succulents

Our customers love our products because they appreciate the high-quality, healthy, hard-to-find varieties of indoor plants and plant accessories we offer. But they also love the thoughtful and attentive care, the compassion, the understanding, and the space to breathe they get from Mini Green Havens. Here is what they have to say:

Watch Us Grow!

When you choose Mini Green Havens for all of your indoor growing needs, you will benefit from the insight, knowledge, and passion of our leader, Natasha, and our whole team. The journey for Mini Green Haven began when we planted the seed of an idea to bring some green into our neighbours’ lives. But our vision keeps growing. We want to be a safe and peaceful place where people can come to learn, to connect, to gather, and to grow. To explore our wide selection of beautiful, healthy, and hearty plants visit us at the YMM Urban Farmers' Market or call us at 1-587-276-1971.

Plant Yourself And Breathe

Mini Green Havens is Fort McMurray’s first full-service indoor plant specialist. We offer the highest-quality indoor plants, soils and soil additives, indoor plants accessories and Fort Mac’s only indoor plant consultation and plant care concierge service. It is our goal to bring the health, wellness, and space-enhancing benefits of indoor plants to everyone who needs the space to breathe.

We Grow Together

We Grow Together

Born of grief and loss and created with a vision of hope and healing, Mini Green Havens is committed to bringing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of plants to the people of Fort McMurray. A Haven is a safe space and a place to experience beauty and resilience. It is up to you to decide what your haven looks like. We are here to help you make it happen.

Helping Fort Mac Grow Greener And Greater

Mini Green Havens is a full-service, indoor plant and plant accessories retailer with a vision to serve our community. We guarantee the highest quality products, healthy and life-affirming plants, and space where anyone who needs to can just plant themselves and breathe.

Connect with us at 1-587-276-1971 for everything you need to create your very own green haven.

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